MIX     May 2020


Blast from the past. Mix by Sk8thing.

The Changes is a collective composed by artists Misha Hollenbach and Shauna T (P.A.M.), Fergus Purcell better known as Fergadelic (Nevermind, Tonite, Silas, Aries) and Sk8thing (A Bathing Ape, Cav Empt). Active at the intersection of multiple fields like design, music, art and fashion, the collective has been serving the underground cultural landscape with unique devotion and boundless passion.

In 2007 Slam Jam brought the collective to Milan and hosted the exhibition 'Italiens', portrayed in a printed travel diary of the show which features The Changes themselves along with some pizza, pot and interplanetary music.

A music journey from metal to krautrock has been recorded on tape for the occasion by Sk8thing. Now available as part of Slam Jam's Long Format Audio Archive, alongside some unique scans of the zine to look at while tripping.