Pleasure Paradox Pursuits 001: 1017 ALYX 9SM - Slam Jam Official Store

CULTURE      12.07.18


Text by Tiffany Godoy

Editor by Marina Maekawa

Imagery by courtesy of @perksandmini and @shauna_teee Instagram accounts, and Google Images

No question, menswear season was high on change and hype. So all week at the Slam Jam pop up Tiffany Godoy and her Instagramazine @TH_RLTY_SHW shifted the conversation. Members of the Slam Jam fam, who happen to be some of the most influential figures on the street fashion and culture scenes, came by. They dug into what motivates them – the bigger picture ideas behind the hype. Because pursuing something for the greater good will inevitably deliver the shiny stuff – money, fame, babes – as a side effect. We call the series Pleasure Paradox Pursuits.

The week started with ALYX’s Matthew Williams. Fresh from announcing a new brand name 1017 Alyx 9SM, he was in Paris to launch the MMW Nike collabo and pop-up store, debuted a mens and womenswear runway show, and in an exclusive to PPP revealed news about an upcoming 1017 ALYX 9SM manifesto book. There was so much more, like his continued research on innovating recycled materials and Italian lessons, but we couldn’t fit it all in! Still, there are some gems. Tune in till the end to hear about his current jam – spoiler – it has to do with that soccer injury that’s got him limping around the world.