STYLE      26.02.22

slam jam & rayon vert present W3w 'the wisdom of the third wave'

W3W: Developed by Rayon Vert and Slam Jam

Project Development: @claudia_decaro

Web Development: @gigadesignstudio

3D Team: @ilbico, @overdis.u, @the.genere, @billy__jwdd

Brand Wizard: @sirhenrygordon

Photography: @teogiovannipoggi

As society moves into the Post-Industrial Age, the number of pure consumers will decrease and be replaced by “prosumers”, people who produce some of the goods and services that go into their consumption. They can be found making their own clothes, growing their own food, repairing their own cars and hanging their own wallpaper. When people produce for their own usage, production and consumption are united in the same person. The main concept of the project finds its roots in the theories of Alvin Toffler, the futurologist who described an alternative scenario to today’s state of consumerism.
The word wisdom is here understood as the ability to follow reason in behavior, judgment and action. A gift that comes from experience, from meditation on things, and above all concerns moral presence and practical activity.

Rayon Vert and Slam Jam have joined forces to work on 'The Wisdom of the Third Wave', a platform which aims to investigate the role of prosumers in the context of fashion. The core of the project will revolve around the website
The website will be active for a limited amount of time and will host several activations and collaborations, crossing the boundaries between ready-made product and DIY approach in the clothing industry.

Part of the W3W 'The Wisdom of the Third Wave' project is also a capsule collection, now available online and in store.

To celebrate the launch of the project and of the collaborative collection, Rayon Vert team moved their workshop to Slam Jam Milano.

Come visit us from Saturday 26th at Via G. Lanza 1.

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