On the cover from the left:
SlowthaiI wears west by Stone Island Shadow Project, trousers and rib socks by NEIGHBORHOOD, hat by Craig Green, boots by Moncler.
Sweater by ERL, trousers by Cav Empt, socks by NEIGHBORHOOD, shoes by Nike Special Project x Slam Jam.
Jacket by Slam Jam (Un)corporate Uniforms, hat by C.P. Company, chain Slowthai's own.

STYLE       10.12.20

Slowthai and Tyler, The Creator about 2020, nudes, and new masculinity

Slowthai interviewed by Tyler, The Creator

Photos by Joe Cruz

Styling by John Colver

Text by Ivan Guzman

Produced by Mitchell Connell

Fashion Assistants: Meja Tasurad, Annica Sidebrand

Photo Assistants: Filipo Mantino, Emilie Durrer-Gasse

Production by Louise Anscomb

Slam Jam and office Magazine team up again and come up with a Fall Winter 2020 editorial piece feature British artist Tyron Frampton aka Slowthai, Slam Jam’s upcoming (Un)corporate Uniforms pieces and the seasonal range. The piece comes with an interview by Tyler, The Creator and office Magazine Issue 13 cover. See the full editorial below alongside a sneak peek of the interview below.

The 25-year-old rapper, whose 2019 debut album "Nothing Great About Britain" came to unite a younger generation of Brits disgruntled with outdated systems, doesn’t necessarily mean to be political. It’s more so about the spirit—this stream-of-consciousness, high energy nature that is somehow able to communicate anger in a way that just makes sense, and can cross party lines.

Maybe it’s Slowthai’s signature grin that makes him so charming and relatable. Perhaps it’s his Charlie Chaplin-esque whimsicality that makes him the ideal conduit for communicating our collective anxiety and anger in a format that feels both fresh and easy. Or maybe it’s the music itself—at once lo-fi, aggressive, and no-filter, Ty’s songs and visuals are manufactured through his lens of new masculinity.

Jacket by Cav Empt, hoodie by Levi's Skateboard.

Shirt by Brain Dead, hat by Stussy.

Coat by Wacko Maria, trousers by Vans, socks by NEIGHBORHOOD, shoes by ROA, chain and watch Slowthai's own.

This viewpoint thrives off Ty's ability to communicate emotion without regret, and process trauma with no shame. No matter who you are or where you're from, it’s likely that you can relate to what Slowthai is putting out. Especially right now, aren’t we all trying to just feel okay amidst the endless turmoil?

Shirt by Brain Dead, hat by Stussy.

Shirt by Brain Dead, hat by Stussy.

Ty joins our Zoom call from a basement studio in his mom’s rural flat, where he lives permanently. It seemed like a no-brainer to link him with Tyler, the Creator, another unfiltered cultural curator who constantly challenges boundaries, particularly when it comes to notions of Black masculinity.

Full interview here.

T-Shirt by WTAPS, cardigan by Comme Des Garçons Shirt, shirt and chain Slowthai's own.

Cardigan by Wacko Maria, necklace by 1017 ALYX 9SM, shorts by Nike, socks by NEIGHBORHOOD, shoes by Nike Special Project x Slam Jam.

On the left
T-Shirt by WTAPS, cardigan by Comme Des Garçons Shirt, shirt and trousers by Aries, socks by NEIGHBORHOOD, boots by Moncler.
On the right
Coat by Wacko Maria.