EVENTS     10.10.23


We opened the doors of our flagship store in Milan this September. MFW seemed the best occasion to let our community interact with the newly launched woman selection.
Amongst the crowd we had a peek at what’s to come: better drips, nicer music, our new beers. These are now really easy to drink, we promise.
The evening has been fueled by performances from great artists in our orbit, such as designer Ancuta Sarca, nail-artist Unghie Supreme and artist and designer Mashulka. To picture the night vividly or freshen up your memory: chairs were braided, sneakers were hacked and fresh manis were colliding across rooms. All while the artists’ music selection was on and loud enough.

From casual A.C. Milan fans that came to get our exclusive scarves in the afternoon to the strong crowd that carried the night away, we made our intentions extremely clear. Color, woman fits (done with oversized stuff too), accessories that speak to your character, and undisputable style.

We can’t wait to build more of you with you.


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Cropped Pile Fleece Jacket Bloom District Vision
Mini Links Tote Bag Black / Grey / Silver SC103
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